Welcoming Willow...

I would like to share a very special Birth Announcement I was given the honor of designing earlier this month for my NEWest little cousin, Willow. (Ok so she is actually my cousins baby girl, but close enough.) Why is this birth announcement so special? Well it is all because of a little 3 letter word. NEW. Yep, new.

Beautiful little Willow is the new baby sister for her big brother to love on. New, because she is not the only little sister to grace this family. Two summers ago, in 2008 another little pink bundle was born into this world. But sweet little Rowan's time was short and she left again the same day. I do not know the reason why some lives are cut short, but I have learned that life is so very precious and I must never take it for granted. This year my wonderfully brave cousin and his equally amazing wife were given another chance to raise a new precious daughter, Willow.

In loving memory of her "big" sister, the hand crocheted little yellow cocoon that Willow is wearing in the photo was originally made for Rowan.

Beautiful, yes. Emotional, yes. Life has a way of doing that I suppose. Thank you for letting me share a little of my work and my heart. And to my dear cousins, I am so very excited for you guys and I wish the best for you and your little family.

(If you would like to read more about Willow's story click here.)


New Look!!!!

Just a little note to let everyone know about my New BLOG Look... I finally got around to making my own background. I know, I know I am a designer, I should have done this a WHILE ago... but life happens and I can finally check this one off the list.

I also wanted to share my Final 2010 Printed Business Cards, which I am also very excited about checking off my list!

Enjoy and have a Wonderful Day!