Fall Family Fun...

I just love big families, and it seems the older we get the larger our family spreads.

I was recently asked to take some fun family photos of a nice large family I have known for quite some time. I have seen the kids grow up and graduate and get married and have kids of their own. I love it! We had such a fun time capturing these precious moments of them all together. This is not something that happens everyday, as those of you with extended family know. I am so fortunate that I could be there to help make memories of this short window while the whole family is in one place, having everyone home from deployment and all living in the same state.

Thanks for sharing your day with me! Blessings to your whole family and many memories to come!

Here are a few of my favorites from that day, ENJOY!!!


Have you seen Me?

Yay! The Holidays are officially upon us. Travel plans are being made and the Thanksgiving turkey is bought and prepped for T-Day. And although it is not yet December, Christmas music is making its chorus on the radio and in all the stores. So this year I decided to play a little Holiday Travel Game.

Here are the stats...

Every year Colorado Mountain College, one of my biggest clients and my wonderful Alma Mater, does a series of banners/signs/billboards around the state to prep for Holiday traffic. This year we had LOTS... and I thought it would be fun to see how many photos I can collect of these banners "on location".

Check out a few that I found last year....

Here is where you come in. There are over 50 different versions and sizes of the CMC banner ranging from DIA, Denver, Colorado Springs, Along I-70, Glenwood Springs and even Grand Junction. There is no way I will be getting to all these places myself so I am asking all of you to keep your eyes open. And when you spot one, or two, or three.. snap a photo and send it to me at littleattitude(at)hotmail.com telling me your name and where you found it/took the photo. I would love to get as many versions and different locations as I can, mainly because I am very curious as to what they look like away from my screen.  I have compiled a little collage of several, but not all, of the versions and sizes that are out there so you have a better idea of what to look for...
THE BEST PART. Yes there is a reward.. or prize if you will. I will give either a 20% discount on a Custom Card Order OR a $10 Starbucks Card (whichever you prefer) to the person to send me the MOST versions of these banners! Contest is open from NOW till the end of December 2010.

So enjoy your Holiday's and Happy Hunting!!!!


20 LOVEly Years...

I recently celebrated my 3rd wedding anniversary, and as I reflected back over the past few years a lot has happened in our lives together... A few weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to take a few photos for a friends 20th Wedding Anniversary!!! WOW... and I though a lot had happened in 3 years, I can not even begin to imagine what all will happen in the next 17!

October 13 was such a beautiful fall day to take a walk downtown and take some photos in the exact same hotel this young couple was married at 20 years to the day. This wonderful couple also brought their beautiful 2 year old daughter along with them, who really had no idea what a big day this was for her parents, and thought this was all for her of course. We had such a fun time just playing, enjoying the day and reflecting on 20 years of LOVE...

 I dearly love this couple and they have taught me a lot in the little time that I have known them. Thank you for letting me capture your little family on your big day. I wish you both many blessings in the next 20+ years to come.