Double the Fun!!!

This past weekend I was honored to help throw a baby shower for a wonderfully sweet friend of mine. Baby showers are always fun.. but this one was double the fun as my dear friend is having IDENTICAL TWIN BOYS!!!! I am so excited for these little blessing to get here and my daughter has already claimed that she is gonna marry one of them.

Which, yes, is perfectly fine with me... in about 25 years!

Now, I am not much of a baker of tasty party treats but what I can do is design pretty things!!! So of course I was delighted to be able to design the Baby Shower Invites for the big day. The Mommy-to-Be wanted a forrest animal theme and it made for a fresh twist on the traditional baby pastels. I love how fun these cards turned out and I am super excited that they helped set the color tone for the rest of the party!

Ryan & Renée... Congrats on your double blessings and I can not wait for those baby boys to get here!!!



Year of the Logo...

Happy Chinese New Year!!! We have now entered the Year of the Dragon, last year being the Year of the Rabbit. BUT according to my work load, 2011 was the Year of the Logo. I had over a dozen new or revised logos to design for different clients. It was a very fun new challenge for my portfolio.

Today I would like to share with you the last of my 2011 Logo designs, and I just LOVE how this one turned out. I was contacted by owner of Body of Work Massage as a referral from a previous client of mine. (Can I just say that I love meeting new clients through referral!) She was in the process of looking for a fun simple logo with a nature/earthy look to it. We played with some plant images, leaf images, bird images... but nothing was striking as "The One".

UNTIL... Kristina, the owner, sends me this wonderful photo of a statue she has in her office, wondering if we could somehow incorporate this image instead. I immediately loved it and knew that we had to try to get it to work with our logo ideas. After a little tweaking and refining we came up with a simple little figurine that fits so perfectly with the look and feel that she was going for. Just goes to show that we can start a project with one idea in mind and come out with something so different but LOVE it even more!

So without further ado, here it is. ENJOY, and best of luck in this new Year of the Dragon!!!


Sometimes you just gotta Dance!!!

Does anyone out there know ONE of the many reasons why I named my business tÜsdé pRoductions? I know a few of you have asked at one point or another. Anyone?? Anyone have a guess??

Well, ONE of those reasons is simply because I LOVE Tuesdays!! I know most people love Fridays.. but me, I am more partial to Tuesdays. Why? Because I love to dance. (There are other reasons for my love of this day but this tops the list.) Yes, I know those two don't normally pair up together, but when I started dancing years ago Tuesday was, and still is, Dance Day!!!

I don't normally make New Years Resolutions, but this year I have a goal. To dance more! Yep, that is my goal for 2012.. to get back into the swing of things (literally) and dance! How fortunate for me then, that a few weeks ago I was asked to design an ad for Colorado Mountain College that was about dancing!!! This ad could not have had more perfect timing!! I love being able to join my two passions, Dance & Design into one super fun colorful project.

ENJOY... and don't forget that sometimes you just gotta Dance!


A New Generation...

Happy New Year!!! 2012 is upon us already but I still have a few 2011 projects I have yet to share. So without further ado here is a fun little, ahem, not-so-little project I worked on a few months ago.

At the end of the summer I was asked to help design a Logo and corresponding Marketing Materials for Family in Christ Community Church's upcoming Capital Campaign. I love being able to use my gifts and talents in this way and I was super excited to work and serve with such an amazing team of leaders.

What originally started out as a little logo soon turned into a HUGE portfolio of projects... each one just a little bit different and unique. This was indeed a fun project for me to work on, for as any of you who know me well will know, I LOVE Matchy Matchy!!!! It just does not get better than working on over 20 different design projects that all have to MATCH!!! Whew.. it was a lot of work but they all turned out wonderfully and I am truly blessed to have been such a big part of this campaign.


 Campaign Logo

Collage of Several Campaign Projects
(Posters, Mailers, Logos, Brochures, Newsletters, Flyers, Bookmarks, Letters, Save-the-Dates,
Event Program, Postcards, Charts, Letterhead & Envelopes, Trifolds and MORE!)