Colorado Blues Dance!

And now for my FINAL September Showcase Logo... I bring you the new Colorado Blues Dance logo!!! If you have known me for a while (or had the chance to read a few of my past blog posts) I LOVE to dance!!!! I just can't help it.. there is something about good music and a good beat that gets my toes tapping and eventually up and dancing!!!

This year I was asked by a few local dance event leaders to help with designing some of their event posters, flyers ads and a new logo. Of course I said YES!!! It just does not get any better than being able to combine two of my favorite things, Dance & Design!!!


- Colorado Blues Dance Logo

- Mardi Gras Poster

- Willie Houston Poster

- Delta Sonics Poster

- Rachael's Dance Instructor Ad

- Denver Dance Experiment Poster

- Denver Dance Experiment Web Banner

- Tuesday Blues Poster


Dawna's Design Threads...

Are you ready for this weeks September Showcase Logo? I know I am!!!! I have been eagerly awaiting sharing this fun little design with you and today is finally that day!!!!

I love small businesses, I know I say that a lot but it is true. I love being able to help give people who are just starting out, or who want a more professional look, a fun "face lift" to their business. This new client of mine has been in business for a while but was wanting that personal one-of-a-kind logo and marketing look that would help her stand out from the crowd and help her business reach the next level.

My very talented new friend runs a quilting pattern design business called Dawna's Design Threads. She creates fun repeating patterns that fellow quilters can buy and use to finish off their quilts giving them a unique patterned texture to their handiwork. I personally have never quilted in my life, but I just LOVE how beautiful these patterns look on a finished quilt. (You can check out more of her products and examples HERE)

Working with someone who is artsy and talented is always a fun experience. I LOVED her patterns and since she wanted a personal one-of-a-kind logo we decided to use a part of one of these quilting designs she has created and fashion it into a logo design. FUN! It does not get more unique than this!

I just adore how it turned out, simple and elegant and so perfect for her booming small business!!!


- Finished Logo Design
- Sample of Quilting Pattern used for the Logo Design
 - Business Card


Mandy Smith Studio

It is a beautifully rainy day here and not only am I exited for the rain, I am also super excited to share with you this weeks Logo addition into the September Showcase!

A dear friend of mine recently took the leap of taking one of her passions and talents and starting her own photography business, Mandy Smith Studio. She has an amazing eye and is WONDERFUL with children. Time after time her photos capture the pure joy and beauty in life. This girl is gonna go far with her camera and I am honored to be a part of her big adventure by designing her official logo.

Mandy, best of luck darling, and many blessings as you continue to seek and capture the beauty in the world and people around you!



Caresse Rose Photography...

September is here. YAY!!! The temps are slowly dropping and the leaves are beginning to turn wonderful colors. I love Fall, change and the beginning of new things.... So for the month of September I am going to showcase a few super fun new logos I have been working on for some small businesses. Are you ready? It's gonna be fun!!!

First up for this week, is a cute little logo I designed for a fabulous up-and-coming photographer and owner of Caresse Rose Photography. I love being contacted by new clients through the referral process and in turn not only do I gain a new client but I gain a new friend as well!

Caresse, it was wonderful to meet you! I wish you all the best in your photo adventures and I can not wait till my little family gets the opportunity to experience your photo expertise first hand!!!

(You can also check out her business facebook page HERE!)