A Beautiful Summer for Family!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Summer is quickly coming to a close, as aptly proven by the cooling thunderstorm we just experienced here. Tents are being packed up; Swimsuits are hanging up to dry from the last pool party; BBQ's are winding down; and the school busses are alive with little feet. Yes, indeed, Summer is almost over.

BUT let's not forget the amazing memories and fun times we had this summer celebrating with family and friends. I was honored to be asked to photograph several families during a Family Reunion/50th Anniversary Celebration this summer up in beautiful Breckenridge, CO. YAY! I love these mountains. We had such a fun time capturing cherished moments with this family... and of course a few screaming kids to go along with. You can't photograph a beautiful family of nearly 20 people without a few screaming kids to bring us back to reality. And you can't ask for a better backdrop then the majesty of the Rocky Mountains!

Thanks Young's, for letting me be a part of your family time this summer! Many blessings for the  year ahead.

ENJOY a few of my favorites of this adorable family!


The BIG 60!

What a wonderful long weekend this has been. I am exhausted but happy! There is nothing better than the opportunity to celebrate the birth of a wonderful woman with a bunch of family and friends. Especially when that woman is your Mother!

This past week my dear Mommy turned the BIG 60! So we threw her an all out Birthday Bash at one of her favorite places, Anderson Farms!!!! This year has been one for the books for my family and I think we all needed a party to look forward to, even in the midst of struggle and change. Celebrating the wonderful years God has blessed my mother with was the perfect opportunity to dwell on JOY and the HAPPY things in life instead of the harsher things that have come our way. It is safe to say that my mom is the glue that holds us all together. She is so much stronger than she will ever know and yet she can still approach every situation with gentle grace and patience. She is a woman of God, a youthful spirit, a faithful friend, a loving wife and a very caring mother.

Sunflowers were the main theme for the event and I had so much fun designing not only the Invites, Map, and Thank You's, but getting to coordinate them to the party decor as well. Yes, it was a bright and colorful, sunflower-filled, summer-on-the-farm party and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Happy Birthday Mommy and know that you are very Loved and very Precious!!


 - Birthday Party Invite - 

 - Birthday Party Map/Directions - 

 - Birthday Party Address Labels - 

 - Birthday Party Thank You Cards - 


No PINK Allowed!

I have been so excited to share this fun design with you and today is FINALLY the day!!! I love it when clients come to me with a fun and wild idea in their heads that I get to play off of and create something new and unique. This project was definitely one of those!!

Everything from the bold Spray Paint for a Baby Shower to using the Chinese Year of the Horse symbol which will be the theme for the baby room. I LOVE it!! Move over soft pastels and flowery lettering, this baby boy is gonna make his grand entrance in BOLD, BLUE, all BOY, style!!!

ENJOY and Happy Tuesday!!

- Baby Shower Invite - 

 - Coordinating Thank You Card - 


An Awe-Inspiring Appreciation....

Two weeks ago today, I was overwhelmed.

But in a good way.

Have you even been a part of something that just took your breath away? Something you knew was truly amazing and awe-inspiring? Something you knew would go down in the books as a once-in-a-lifetime experience?

Yep, that was my day on August 2. Or as most knew it by, "George Appreciation Day."

In the past year or so, George as been diagnosed with a disease called Corticobasal Degeneration (CBD). It is similar to Lou Gehrigs Disease in that they are both neurodegenerative diseases and it will eventually take its deathly toll within 2-5 years. In light of this news the employees of Heavy Duty Truck Repair, George's company, decided to throw a benefit bash to honor and thank their wonderful boss for being an outstanding guy. What was going to be just a few clients grew to over 550 clients, friends, and family all in attendance to support, honor, and show their love for a man who has made such an impact on so many lives.

George went from an all expenses paid private Helicopter ride with his lovely wife Dianne, to a stretch SUV Limo where his kids and grandkids were waiting to surprise him, to a room filled with 550 people who stood and applauded the second George walked through the doors!! AMAZING! I knew what was coming and I was still brought to tears. To George however, this was all a complete and humbling surprise!!

I am still in awe at the overwhelming events of that day. From the sound of applause from a completely filled events center to the $35,000 check (more added after the event) they presented in George's honor to CurePSP which will go towards researching a cure for this disease. All funded by generous donations from those in attendance. WOW!

It was truly a great day and I am so honored to have been asked to capture these memories and moments for the family and employees to cherish for years to come.

Thank you George for being who you are and living your life to the fullest, sticking to your beliefs and morals and creating an amazing, awe-inspiring legacy that so many have come to appreciate!

Here are just a few of my favorite glimpses into George Appreciation Day!