Living Declarations...

Happy Leap Day!!!!!

If you did not know, this week I am having fun sharing several logo designs I have worked on recently for a few new clients. Here is the 2nd one of the mix...

They say to get ahead in business it is all about who you know. At times I would have to agree with that... This was one of those times. I am so blessed to know people who know people. This fun little logo design was brought to me as a referral from a wonderful friend who just happens to know EVERYONE!!! And I am truly honored to be on her list of referring businesses.

Although never having met my client in person, I had so much fun with this logo. I love a different project and this logo was different as it is not for a business, but for a new Bible Study that is starting up downtown. How cool is that? I am so excited for my client to continue living out his passions and calling to reach those around him.

In designing this logo my client knew from the start what he wanted, he had colors and image ideas in mind and then I went from there... Refining and tweaking and perfecting his idea till it was exactly what my client wanted. I love how the simple elements of this logo have such a grand meaning. Sometimes it does not take much to make an impact.

John, I wish you many blessings in your new endeavor and may you continue to inspire and impact everyone you meet.



Kinetic Evolutions...

Recently I have had the opportunity to work with some awesome new clients and have just finished up their new logos. I am so excited to finally share them with you that I think I will share all of them this week. It is a special week being Leap Day tomorrow and all...

So without further ado, I present to you the new Logo for Kinetic Evolutions!!!!

A very dear friend of mine has started a fun new business, mixing various forms of dance, yoga and martial arts classes into one studio. Yes, I know these don't normally go hand in hand. BUT when you really start to look deep into the basics of each you will find that balance, rhythm, and a wonderful outlet for energy are key factors of all these activities. I am so excited for my friend to finally be able to put her amazing talents and passions together to help bring arts, culture, dance, rhythm, fitness and balance to kids of all ages.

April, I wish you all the best in your new adventure and I can't wait to see your new studio!!!



Let Creation Speak...

Happy Monday!!! Today I want to share with you a fun little project that is very dear to my heart.

In my business I love meeting new clients and designing different projects to suit their needs. Each new project helps broaden my creative ideas and gives me a new chance to learn and grow in my design abilities. Yes, I love meeting new people!!!! BUT one of my favorite things about what I do is that I also get to design things a little closer to home. It is always a compliment to me when my own family wants me to design something for them. I love my family!!!

I was recently asked by my Sister and Brother-in-Law to design some ministry materials for them.
They have an amazing opportunity ahead of them and I was thrilled to be a part of this new adventure!!!! I love how fun this project turned out - clean, simple, and eye catching. Exactly what they needed.
OH, and I also love projects that I get to be "matchy-matchy" with... and this one was just that!!!!

ENJOY and blessings on your new adventure Downings, I love you guys!!!!!


To Witness a Miracle...

Last week I had a first. A phone call I had been dreading and anticipating for a while. It was time. The baby was on his way. The snow was falling, the roads were slick.. but I was headed out the door to the unknown. Little did I know I was about to witness a miracle...

A few weeks ago I was asked by a very dear friend (and fellow photographer) if I would be on call for this big day. Her sister was a few weeks away from the delivery of a miracle baby... one who had been given both ends of the spectrum on his chances of survival after he was born. They wanted me to be there when this little baby boy arrived to capture the unknown. I know my friend would have love to be there with her camera in hand loving and supporting her sister... but circumstances would not allow this. So she chose me to take her place.

Honored, Yes. Scared, Yes. Emotional.. YOU BET

The very thought of facing the unknown with our children is something every mother dreads. But the thought of not having those photographic memories of those first precious moments of life is something I knew I could help with... even through the tears.

Last Thursday the call finally came. I jumped in the car and headed downtown in the middle of a blizzard. Not at all sure what I was getting myself into.


Little Samuel arrived just minutes after I got to the hospital. I saw him for the first time as they wheeled him to the NICU. No tubes. No monitors. No lights and sirens. No running nurses... I thought for a second that they must have the wrong baby. He looked perfect! Even the Doctors have said that if they had not seen the scans before he was born they would think he was a perfectly normal little boy. WOW!

I am still in awe of this while situation and so blessed that I was there to capture Samuel's first hours here on earth. Against all odds this little life is a true miracle. A living, breathing, cute as a button miracle.

Here are just a few of the precious moments I was honored to share with Samuel and his family.

Welcome to the World little man. May you continue to be an inspiration and a miraculous blessing to all who meet you!!!