A little something for Spring Break!!!

Happy Spring Break! Yes I know, not everyone has Spring Break this week, nor am I in school, nor are my kids in school... But this week has still felt like Spring Break to me and I am loving it!!!

So on that note I decided to take this weeks to share with you a few of my recent school projects. No, like I mentioned earlier, I am not in school, I just happen to have a school as my main design client.

I love getting to design fun new things for Colorado Mountain College throughout the year, as well as the opportunity to spruce up last years ads and marketing materials for this years mailing. Here are a few of the recent projects I have been working on. Yep, 2013 is starting off with some fun ideas from my wonderful alma mater!


 - Poetry Slam Flyer for Breckenridge Campus

 - Richard C. Martin Grant Brochure

 - 1st Generation Conference Poster in Spanish

 - 1st Generation Conference Save-the-Date Postcard in Spanish


Little bit of Summertime...

Today was such a beautiful day!!! Almost felt like Spring was on its way... maybe... or we could have another dumping of snow on our doorstep in the morning. Either way I am loving the warmth of today. And since I am in the mood for Summer, I thought I would just jump right in and share with you a cute little invite I designed recently.

It is not everyday I get to design a Pool Party Birthday invite in the middle of winter. BUT that is the beauty of this wonderful world we live in and although we might have snow here in Colorado, a dear friend of mine Down Under is just finishing up with their Summer!!!

A few weeks ago, this dear friend asked me to design a 2nd Birthday Party Invite for her little princess and I just LOVE how it turned out. What a perfect way to get through the winter blues by designing a super colorful, full of sunshine and smiles, barefooted, girly birthday card!!!

Eva, cutie, I hope your Birthday was amazing!!!!! One of these days I hope to finally get to meet you in person!! Love ya!