Christmas Countdown #1 - Merry Christmas!!!!

For our final day in this little Christmas Countdown I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas from my family to yours!!!

I am so blessed by all of my wonderful clients and friends who have supported my passion and business this past year. I seriously could not do it without all of you!!! THANK YOU!!

May you all have a wonderful Christmas with friends and family and know that you are all so very loved!!


Special Thanks to Legacy Photography for the beautiful family photo!!


Christmas Countdown #2 - A bittersweet memory...

It has been two years. TWO! Since we first got the call. Cancer. The call that will shatter any man to his knees and bring out the waterworks within minutes. The call I have seen so many other friends and family receive time after time over these past few years. And with every call the painful reminder is still as fresh as it was two years ago.

That was the Christmas we spent at the hospital with my dad. I had never spent a holiday in a hospital before. But have done so many times since then. It was a strange mix of emotions. The feeling of Christmas Joy and excitement comes to a halt as you walk through those double doors and into the stark empty hallways. Not many visitors on Christmas day... but then you realize that there ARE people there. Taking time out of their busy day to be with loved ones who can not be home with family. There are doctors and nurses and cafeteria staff who also have to be there. To them it is just a normal day of the week. Outside those hospital walls is the hustle and bustle of the holiday season yet inside those walls it is the survival of the day to day.

It was a Christmas we will never forget. And now, two years later, as I began to design my parents Christmas card... the flood of memories and emotions all came rushing back. Christmas will forever hold a new set of memories. It will always be a joyous time of celebration as we rejoice in our Saviors birth, but these memories will forever be linked to cold waiting rooms in anticipation of news from the surgeon on that Christmas Eve two years ago.

Yet as I looked at the photos for this card, through my tears I had to smile. Yes, it has been a long two years as my dad has fought this enemy within him. And yet, he is still here!! Full of life and laughter. Enjoying the moments and memories we make as a family. Cherishing each and every time the grandkids get to give him a hug. It is these memories that I will gather up and treasure in my heart. No, they will never replace the sting of cancer, but the bittersweet memories of two years ago help make the small moments and miracle of today that much sweeter.

Merry Christmas Mom and Dad!! And thank you Lord for giving us another Christmas together!!


Special Thanks to Legacy Photography for the amazing photos!!!


Christmas Countdown #3 - The Lovely Loveland Family!

Happy Monday before Christmas!!! YAY! The countdown is getting lower and we are already to #3!!!

Every so often my dear friend at Fabulous Friday Freebies hosts an amazing giveaway. This year they had a 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway and we created a Custom Print for the winner. Last year we participated by giving away Free Custom Cards. The lucky winner of this giveaway decided to hold off till this year to get their cards ordered and I have to say they turned out adorable!!! I mean seriously how cute is this family? I love designing cards for new clients and I am so honored to be a part of their Christmas festivities this year.

Congrats on winning the Fabulous Friday Freebies giveaway and Merry Christmas Loveland Family!!



Christmas Countdown #4 - The Amazing Young Family!

WOO HOO!! Christmas week is finally here!!!! And with that comes one of my all time favorite parts of this season.. Christmas Cards!!!! Call me a bit old fashioned but I love seeing everyone's photos, reading yearly updates, and of course displaying each and every card as part of my holiday decor. Yep, I love it!!!!

Not only do I love getting said cards in the mail, but I truly love designing them as well. It is so much fun to see these dear families grow year after year through their Christmas Card photos. And the Young family is no exception. I love this family dearly and am so honored to have met them so many years ago. They are a constant blessing and encouragement to me and to numerous others as they live a life full of God's Grace. No, it is not perfect, as they will be quick to tell you, but I LOVE the messy, honest, humble, adventurous, crazy, and Christ centered example they set through their family. Yep, you guys rock!! Thanks for being you and for letting me once again be a part of your Christmas card this year!



Christmas Countdown # 5 - A Winter Wedding!

Today was a beautiful winter day. The sky was a clear bright blue, the new snow on the mountains showed off their wonderful majesty, and the air was full of excitement. Yes, indeed it was a beautiful day for a Winter Wedding!!!!

Our Christmas Countdown #5 is this cute little custom Wedding Invitation. They wanted a simple yet unique invite with a quaint country look. I just love how they turned out and I wish them many wonderful years of happiness together. What better Christmas gift than to marry the one you love!!!

ENJOY and I hope the wedding was perfect!!!!


Christmas Countdown #6 - Best in the West

Happy Friday!!!! My post today is a little later than usual as I was spending most of my day with family, and friends who are like family! Which just happens to be a perfect intro for todays Christmas Countdown #6.

Earlier this year I was asked to design a special little Logo/T-Shirt design for a dear friend. These shirts were to be used at an upcoming family reunion as a way to honor and remember an amazing man who had recently passed away. I have been wanting to share this one for a while as I just love the whole process of this design and how they were able to take a heartache and turn it into a battle cry (#BMOORE) as they grew stronger as a family thought it all. Which is why I wanted to share this logo as a little reminder to you all this Christmas.

Life is precious! Take the time this season to be with family and friends. Enjoy the little things, the moments, the laughter, the tears, the things you might take for granted. These are the cherished memories that will linger even after the last candle has burnt out.



Christmas Countdown #7 - Reflect the Lords Glory!

This time of year a lot of us tend to start reflecting about all that has happened this year as we near the end of 2015. The good, the bad, the ups, the downs. If any of you are like me, you could probably write a book about the things that have happened this year. Yes, it is a good time to reflect on all that we have come through, learned, and overcome in the year 2015.

It is also a time to reflect on The ONE whom this Holiday is all about in the first place. Our Christmas Countdown design for today is a custom verse print I designed for the Upon The Rock's silent auction. It is the camp verse for this year and one that I have often found myself going back to again and again. Yes, who are we reflecting? What do our words and actions have to say about who we serve and how we live? Such a powerful encouraging verse with a wonderful reminder and promise that we are HIS! Chosen and loved, being transformed into His perfect likeness!!

ENJOY and may you all know that you are loved today!!!


Christmas Countdown #8 - Silent Night, Holy Night!

One of my most FAVORITE things about this season is the music! I am a music person any time of the year, but there is just something special and comforting when it comes to the familiar sounds of our favorite Christmas carols.

This year I had the opportunity to not only sing with an amazing local choir, but I was also asked to help design the concert banner/poster. Unfortunately I came down sick the weekend of the big performance and was not able to join them on stage, but they did an amazing job and I am truly honored to have been a part of a group like this.

So whether you are the lead musician, sing so-lo-we-can't-hear-you, or you are just out there making a 'joyful noise', I want to THANK YOU for sharing your talents and voices to bless others around you this year with the good news that our Savior is Born!



Christmas Countdown #9 - A Very Groovy Holiday!

Happy Snow Day!!!

We are enjoying a beautiful, yet cold, snow day today and it is time to party like it's 1975...

Oh wait. No, not really. It is just Christmas Countdown #9!

But I do have a fun retro Holiday Poster to share with you all today. The annual Garfield & Hecht Holiday Party theme this year was a throwback to 40 years ago when the company first started. I love how fun and colorful this poster turned out and hope the party was super groovy!!! Congrats on 40 years of business!!!

ENJOY and stay warm out there everyone!


Christmas Countdown #10 - It Came Without Ribbons...

Hello and Happy Monday!!!!

Are you ready?? Our Christmas Countdown starts today!!!

I love being able to design fun things this time of year and this countdown is just a fun little way to spread the Christmas Spirit and Joy to all of you as we lead up to Christmas Eve!!!

So without further ado, our countdown kicks off with a little custom print I designed for a 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway over at Fabulous Friday Freebies. I am so honored to partner with them again and this little print not only makes me smile but through all the hustle and bustle of this season it is a good reminder that "Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more!"



Sibling Love!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Kids are funny creatures. Happy one minute, frustrated the next, and completely random most of the time... But there is such joy in watching kids just be kids (providing they are not destroying the house at the moment). There is something beautiful in the simple joy and happiness in a child's life.

Today I have a super cute, joy filled, little family photo shoot to share with you all. These two kids crack me up and I just loved getting to hang with them for a fun afternoon photo shoot before the cold and snow came in. It was so neat watching their unique personalities come alive during these photos, and how much they look up to, and adore, each other as siblings. Being a parent may not always be cake and cookies but the day when we can watch our kids play nicely with each other is worth every tear filled long night that comes before it!

Thank you "S" family for letting me capture some precious memories of your beautiful children!



Small Business... Tuesday!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!!!

In light of Small Business Saturday this past weekend, I wanted to take the time to say that I am beyond blessed to work with some of the most amazing and talented small business owners out there. The opportunities that I have to meet and come alongside these businesses and ministries and help them reach their goals is such a blessing to me one of the main things I truly love about my job as a graphic designer and small business owner myself!!

So without further ado... here are a few of the wonderful businesses that I have had the honor of designing for and working with this year.


- Rocky Mountain Print Shop Logo Design - 

- Two Trees and a Bee Postcard & Label Design - 

- Garfield & Hecht, P.C. Logo Design - 

Northern Landscaping Services Business Card Design - 

 - Mosaic English Camp Logo Design - 

 Body of Work Wellness Logo Design - 

  - Reed Restaurant Repair Business Card Design - 

  - Reed Restaurant Repair Flyer Design - 

  - SCP Bangkok Logo Variation Design - 

  - The Works Event Banner Design - 

  - All Critters Pet Care Business Card Design -