We Wish You a Merry Christmas!!!!

A very Merry Christmas from my house to yours!!!

Thank you all for continuing to support my business this year. I wish everyone a safe, healthy and blessed 2015!!



Little paper gifts....

Happy Tuesday and Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!!!

It is no secret, but one of my most favorite things about this season is Christmas Cards!!! I love seeing cute photos of dear friends both near and far, stories and memories of the past year, and of course tidings of good cheer and hope for a new year.

Not only do I love getting these wonderful little paper gifts to hang up on my wall but I also love MAKING said cards!!! I have been honored to design the Christmas card for this amazing family for the past few years and I just love watching these kids grow more beautiful through the years. Thank you for being YOU, for being such an incredible inspiration and encouragement not only to me but to so many who are blessed by your lives. Wish we lived closer, but at least I get to see lots of new photos of these cuties!!! Love you guys!!

ENJOY and Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!!!


Two Trees and a Bee...

Happy Tuesday!!!

Making clients and friends all across the country is one of my most favorite things about this little business. I love being able to work closely with another small business even though we are miles and miles apart.

I recently had the opportunity to design a logo for a new client/friend and owner of Two Trees and a Bee all the way across the country. She is a nurse who has found the need for a deeply healing, naturally made, hand repair balm, so she made one! And let me tell you, it is AMAZING!! I was graciously sent a sample of her product to try out as I was designing this logo and I am in Love!!!

Working together we created a fun new logo for her product that describes exactly what is IN this amazing hand balm. Three simple ingredients, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Beeswax. Perfection! I adore how this logo turned out and I am so excited to see this small business grow blossom!



Hold on to the Good!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Hello everybody, I just wanted to share a fun little print I designed recently for a ministry that is so very dear to my heart, Upon The Rock Christian Camp.

Every year UTR holds an annual silent auction and fundraiser to help support and grow their ministry as well as provide the means for more and more kids to attend a life changing week at summer camp! Last year I decided to take the camp verse for the year and create a fun memory print to be auctioned off at this event. This year I was able to do the same and I LOVE how it turned out.

What a fun way to commemorate the amazing camp year and all the lives that were changed through this ministry, the hard working hands behind it, and our Great and Loving Lord and Savior!!

ENJOY and may this print be a wonderful reminder and encouragement of how Good God is!


LIFT Student Ministries!

Happy Tuesday!!!

I am so excited to share two new fun logos with you today. I have been chomping at the bit to post these and today is that day! Recently I worked on two logo designs for the Student Ministries at Family in Christ Community Church. One for their main logo and the other one for their annual retreat. Both turned out so fun and I am beyond honored to help play a small part in the amazing ministry that these kids and leaders are a part of!


 - Family in Christ - LIFT Student Ministries Logo

 - Family in Christ - LIFT Student Ministries Retreat Logo


Thankful For Family...

Happy Thanksgiving Week!!!  I love having the opportunity every year to really dig deep and find those things which I am most thankful for. It is easy to be grateful during the easy times in our lives, but even in the midst of pain, injury, loss or other tough times - there is always something we can be thankful for.

One of the things I am truly thankful for this year is Family!! True family does not have to consist of flesh-and-blood relatives, but those who can share and celebrate in the big (and little) joys in your life, those who know your weakest points, have seen you dry your tears, and yet still stick with you through it all!! For these things, Friends and Family, I am truly thankful!!!

It has been a hard year for both my family, and my hubby's family. But in all that has happened I know that God is in control and I am beyond blessed to have such an amazing group of people to walk this crazy road with. So in honor of family I thought I would share a fun little invitation I designed for our annual Imhof Family Reunion this year.

ENJOY and may you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


Turning Two!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

The past few months have been full of countless fun, crazy, challenging, and life changing adventures for our family. And one of these fun adventures was that my littlest lady turned TWO!!!

She is a miracle baby from the start. A brave little soul who is already wise beyond her years. I am beyond blessed with her little life, courage, spunk and hilarious personality.

So without further ado, Happy Birthday sweet princess!!! We love you to the moon and back!



Hello, My Name is.....

Happy Tuesday!!! Fall is in the air and kids are all back in school. Schedule are being set and the activities are starting. YAY!!! I love Fall!!!

Just wanted to take the time share a fun little newsletter I worked on recently for a local Church, Family In Christ Community Church. They wanted an updated look to go along with the start of school and the changes of fall. Complete with newly sharpened pencils, bright changing leaves, and crisp clean notebook paper. Just in time to kick off this year in official Back to School style!



7 Cheers for 7 Years!!!

We made it! 7 years ago today the Hubby and I said our "I Do's". A lot can happen in just 7 years and I am proud to still be standing next to the man who stood at the end of the aisle way back when.

Happy 7th Anniversary Ben! I love you, even through the ups and downs and the countless adventures we have had together. Thanks for being mine!

I decided that I needed a little something to give the hubby to commemorate reaching 7 years and the crazy journey that it has been.. and the amazing journey ahead. So I created a fun little print to hang in our house as a reminder that if we can make it through the past few years.. we can make it through anything!!!



A Beautiful Summer for Family!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Summer is quickly coming to a close, as aptly proven by the cooling thunderstorm we just experienced here. Tents are being packed up; Swimsuits are hanging up to dry from the last pool party; BBQ's are winding down; and the school busses are alive with little feet. Yes, indeed, Summer is almost over.

BUT let's not forget the amazing memories and fun times we had this summer celebrating with family and friends. I was honored to be asked to photograph several families during a Family Reunion/50th Anniversary Celebration this summer up in beautiful Breckenridge, CO. YAY! I love these mountains. We had such a fun time capturing cherished moments with this family... and of course a few screaming kids to go along with. You can't photograph a beautiful family of nearly 20 people without a few screaming kids to bring us back to reality. And you can't ask for a better backdrop then the majesty of the Rocky Mountains!

Thanks Young's, for letting me be a part of your family time this summer! Many blessings for the  year ahead.

ENJOY a few of my favorites of this adorable family!


The BIG 60!

What a wonderful long weekend this has been. I am exhausted but happy! There is nothing better than the opportunity to celebrate the birth of a wonderful woman with a bunch of family and friends. Especially when that woman is your Mother!

This past week my dear Mommy turned the BIG 60! So we threw her an all out Birthday Bash at one of her favorite places, Anderson Farms!!!! This year has been one for the books for my family and I think we all needed a party to look forward to, even in the midst of struggle and change. Celebrating the wonderful years God has blessed my mother with was the perfect opportunity to dwell on JOY and the HAPPY things in life instead of the harsher things that have come our way. It is safe to say that my mom is the glue that holds us all together. She is so much stronger than she will ever know and yet she can still approach every situation with gentle grace and patience. She is a woman of God, a youthful spirit, a faithful friend, a loving wife and a very caring mother.

Sunflowers were the main theme for the event and I had so much fun designing not only the Invites, Map, and Thank You's, but getting to coordinate them to the party decor as well. Yes, it was a bright and colorful, sunflower-filled, summer-on-the-farm party and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Happy Birthday Mommy and know that you are very Loved and very Precious!!


 - Birthday Party Invite - 

 - Birthday Party Map/Directions - 

 - Birthday Party Address Labels - 

 - Birthday Party Thank You Cards - 


No PINK Allowed!

I have been so excited to share this fun design with you and today is FINALLY the day!!! I love it when clients come to me with a fun and wild idea in their heads that I get to play off of and create something new and unique. This project was definitely one of those!!

Everything from the bold Spray Paint for a Baby Shower to using the Chinese Year of the Horse symbol which will be the theme for the baby room. I LOVE it!! Move over soft pastels and flowery lettering, this baby boy is gonna make his grand entrance in BOLD, BLUE, all BOY, style!!!

ENJOY and Happy Tuesday!!

- Baby Shower Invite - 

 - Coordinating Thank You Card - 


An Awe-Inspiring Appreciation....

Two weeks ago today, I was overwhelmed.

But in a good way.

Have you even been a part of something that just took your breath away? Something you knew was truly amazing and awe-inspiring? Something you knew would go down in the books as a once-in-a-lifetime experience?

Yep, that was my day on August 2. Or as most knew it by, "George Appreciation Day."

In the past year or so, George as been diagnosed with a disease called Corticobasal Degeneration (CBD). It is similar to Lou Gehrigs Disease in that they are both neurodegenerative diseases and it will eventually take its deathly toll within 2-5 years. In light of this news the employees of Heavy Duty Truck Repair, George's company, decided to throw a benefit bash to honor and thank their wonderful boss for being an outstanding guy. What was going to be just a few clients grew to over 550 clients, friends, and family all in attendance to support, honor, and show their love for a man who has made such an impact on so many lives.

George went from an all expenses paid private Helicopter ride with his lovely wife Dianne, to a stretch SUV Limo where his kids and grandkids were waiting to surprise him, to a room filled with 550 people who stood and applauded the second George walked through the doors!! AMAZING! I knew what was coming and I was still brought to tears. To George however, this was all a complete and humbling surprise!!

I am still in awe at the overwhelming events of that day. From the sound of applause from a completely filled events center to the $35,000 check (more added after the event) they presented in George's honor to CurePSP which will go towards researching a cure for this disease. All funded by generous donations from those in attendance. WOW!

It was truly a great day and I am so honored to have been asked to capture these memories and moments for the family and employees to cherish for years to come.

Thank you George for being who you are and living your life to the fullest, sticking to your beliefs and morals and creating an amazing, awe-inspiring legacy that so many have come to appreciate!

Here are just a few of my favorite glimpses into George Appreciation Day!



A Family That Travels Together....

A Family that Travels Together...
                                          ..... Stays Together!

Ok so this might not be an actual saying, but I think it should. I LOVE traveling and I hope to pass that love of culture and adventure and excitement in my daughters. Which is why I was super excited to be able to design a little Logo/Blog Header and Photo Watermark for a friend of mine who will be documenting their family travels and adventures together on her new blog A Funky Family Travels.

I can not wait to see where the wind will take this cute little family and I am so excited for the amazing memories their daughter will be able to cherish forever!



Journey in KOPS

Happy Tuesday!!! I hope you are having a wonderful summer. I know I am. My girls and I have been busy filling our summer full of fun adventurous and new experiences.

BUT I did want to take time to share with you a fun little Logo I worked on recently for a lovely new client. She works with a group of ladies dedicated to their Journey in Keeping Off Pounds Simply. I love her enthusiastic spirit and encouragement for the people she works with. Helping them maintain a healthy lifestyle and sticking to their achievement of loosing those pesky unwanted pounds.

EJNOY and may you all continue to have wonderful adventures this summer!!!


Boys will be boys!!

Yes, boys will be boys. And I LOVE it! I had such a fun time taking photos with this wonderful young family and their 3 boys. So full of energy, life, and a million and one awesome facial expressions!

I was grinning from ear to ear as I edited these images because I came across so many wonderful silly little boy faces. And each one more precious than the next. This is what taking photos with kids is all about. Not capturing the pristine, perfect, still images that we so often would like to see in our children; but rather capturing these memories of who they are and how their cute, silly, little grins can just melt your heart!

Yep, this family is just too cute and I have loved getting to watch them grow both in number and more in love with each other over the years. Thanks again for letting me be a part of your family memory making and enjoy all the crazy smiles these boys bring into your lives!!



Something New!!!

Something Old. Something New. Something Borrowed. Something Yellow!?!?!?!?!

Yes, that is right, did you notice? We have a new look! Many of you who know me personally know that I have a deep love of the color green. Which has been a part of my logo for a long time. BUT after 10, yes TEN, years this summer that I have been in business here at tÜsdé productions I thought it was high time I updated my look a bit.

Something Old:
Yes, my something old is the name of course. I may be changing my look but I am not changing my name. So here is a little history of my company name for my something Old. I LOVE to dance, and when I was first learning to dance the best night was Tuesday!! Then a few years later I was living and working in Germany and my day off was Tuesday. See a trend?? Tuesday quickly became one of my favorite days and when I was in design school this word served as the template for many a class project. The Ü and the é of course are throwbacks to the various languages I encountered during my two years spent in Europe.

Something New:
A new look is not complete without a new font group. Yes it is true I am a font nerd!!! I wanted a clean simple look for my business update and these fonts did the trick. Simple. Elegant. FUN!

Something Borrowed:
Ok, so not really borrowed but more of an image that holds many good memories in my life. This would be the little bird in my logo. I love birds, grew up with two little parakeets when I was a child and have always liked the image that the Lord takes care of the birds of the air, so how much more will He take care of me? It is an image of comfort and strength for me. This bird version is similar to the previous but with a little clean up and simplification.

Something YELLOW!
Ok, we are finally getting down to the root of the new look here. Yellow, and grey, and fun zig-zags.. oh my! As I was contemplating this new design look I thought back to the first few times I knew I wanted to be an artist. I have many fond memories of when I was a small child taking art classes at our local community center or with a dear artist friends of ours. The one project that stands out in my mind is a little yellow house I did with oil pastels. It was framed and hung up in a small art gallery for a while and as a child of 5 or 6 I thought this was SO AMAZING!! Yellow was my favorite color as a kid and it is with this new look that I am making a little nod back to where it all began. Plus it is a super fun, crisp, fresh, happy color!!!

So there you go. It has been an amazing 10 years with my little business. I am grateful for all the wonderful clients and friends I have made along the way and I can not wait to see what the next 10+ years will bring!!


 - Logo design - 

 - Business Card Design - 


Frozen... in SUMMER!!!

Happy Tuesday! The first Tuesday of Summer to be exact. Yes indeed, this past weekend brought us officially into summertime! YAY!!! Days at the pool, library reading programs, VBS and summer camps, longer days to spend with family and friends... oh yes, and lets not forget Birthday Parties!!!!

Last week my daughter turned 6! She loves having a summer birthday and she tells us all the time that she is a "Summer Girl" because she was born in June and she just LOVES all things summery. Except one of her favorite things right now, which in fact, is NOT summery and warm is the new hit movie Frozen.

So of course, months and months ago, she started planning a "Frozen in Summer" birthday party for her big day. I love that she likes to plan and create and imagine all sorts of fun ideas for her friends to enjoy at her party. My little girl is growing up into such an amazing young lady!!!

So without further ado, here are a few glimpses into her Frozen in Summer party!!!


- Invites -

- Wrap-around Address Labels -

- Themed Party Food, and WONDERFUL cupcakes a friend of mine made!!! -

 - And of course costumes!!! E is on the right in her Elsa dress with her little friend M who came in an Anna dress. Total Cuteness!!! -

 "Coronation Day Crowns" and "Do you wanna build a Snowman?" craft tables were also set up but due to camera issues I don't have any photos of these to share -

Happy 6th Birthday beautiful girl. We love you to the moon and back!!


Long Days, Short Years.

"LONG may be the DAYS but SHORT are the YEARS."
This has been stuck in my head for the past few months now. It has almost become my mommy motto if you will. I think it came up in a conversation with a friend of mine who was in the process of seeing her daughter off to college.... and I was in the middle of trying to survive with a 5 year old and am infant, piles of laundry, teething, toys all over the floor, dishes to be washed, and a thousand "mommy I need..."s. The list could go on. Being a mom is not always easy and having little ones underfoot can make for some really, really, REALLY long exhausting days.

I don't remember our whole conversation that day, but what stuck in my head were these 4 little words,

"Long Days, Short Years."

And it hit me.. YES, what a wonderful reminder this was from a mom who has walked this road and her children are now off on their own. In the blink of an eye I was given perspective, a perspective I have thought long and hard on. Eyes to try to look past the weary days and remember that these precious years we have with our small children are few and fleeting. In those times when sleep is all this mommy wants.. or when I long for one single second of quite in the constant chatter of two small girls. I have to stop and remind myself that these years are short.. and I need to enjoy them.. even when the days are hard.

So to all my dear fellow mommy friends, to those who have been a mom for 1 day or 100 years, to those who love on their nieces and nephews, to those who have been a mother at heart but never held their own child in their arms, to those who have raised another mothers child as your own, to the grandmothers and great-grandmothers... or to anyone at all who knows the value of a day and how precious time with loved ones can be, may you take this reminder to heart and enjoy the long days!

ENJOY and Happy Mother's Day!!!!