Common Reader Program

It has been a while since I have posted anything from my wonderful alma mater Colorado Mountain College.. so I thought I would take the time to post this one.

CMC has a super fun program every fall where students and non students can read a book together followed up by a visit with the author. I love the idea of being able to meet with the author and discus their book in person. This is a program I know I would have loved when I was in school.

I just realized that although this is the 3rd year I have designed the materials (Bookmark, Postcard & Poster) for this program, this is the first year I have posted anything about it. So without further ado.. I present to you The Common Reader Program. ENJOY!



All in the Family...

Hello October 1st!!!!!!

My favorite month is finally upon us and I am just sooooo excited!!!! Not only because I have a birthday this month.. but because I love the changing of the seasons. The cooler air comes in and visions of cider and crunchy leaves start floating through my head, along with fireplaces, warm fuzzy mittens, and Family...

Yes, of course Family!!! I have been blessed with an amazing set of in-laws that I love dearly, and the beginning of October has once again marked their annual Family Reunion. This year I was honored to be asked to design the invite for the festivities. YAY!!! I can not wait to party with the rest of the gang this weekend. I love you all!!!!

I loved the idea my Mother-in-Law came up with for the theme and I had such a fun time designing this little invite that I just had to share it with you all. ENJOY!