Tee Time!!!

I recently had the honor of photographing a super cute little family and their 9 month old twin boys. We had SO MUCH FUN!!! Not only were the boys full of life and personality that made for some awesome photos.. the location they chose was perfect. We went to a local golf course so the boys could sport their cute little golfer outfits. What more can two little boys want than to be in the grass playing with more than a dozen golf balls? I love it when clients have fun ideas and locations they want to try for their photos and this session was exactly that. FUN!

Rex and Heather, thanks so much for letting me spend a beautiful summer morning with your cute little golfer boys. They are adorable and I wish you many blessings as they grow into wonderful young men.



Back to School... My Way...

I love this time of year! Change is officially in the air and from the looks of the numerous photos of super cute kids (and yes even a few adults) I have seen posted this week, Back-to-School is officially underway! So I just had to jump on board and share a few of my own Back-to-School photos!!!

No, I am not going back to school, nor did my daughter take that first step into a classroom this year. I just thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share with you a few of the recent projects I have been working on for my alma mater Colorado Mountain College. Yep, thats right... for me, everyday is a Back-to-School day with fun school related projects like these on my plate.

So without further ado.. here is my version of Back to School 2012!


- Large Banner Display for the new Welcome Center in Glenwood Spings.
(The blacked out box is where a TV is to be placed)
 - Set of 3 Posters on display at the Glenwood Caverns.
 - New Media  Postcard #1
- New Media Postcard #2
 - New Media E-Mail Headers
- New Media Ad
 - Military/Veterans 4 Page Brochure
 - Military/Veterans Postcard
 - Military/Veterans Small Poster


A Mountain Top "I DO"...

Happy, Happy Tuesday!!!! I have been waiting, what seems like forever, to show todays designs to you. A very dear friend of mine, whom I have known since college days, asked me months and months ago to design her Wedding Invites... and Save-the-Dates.. and a bunch of other printed stuff to go with. Of course I was thrilled to be a part of her big day! I love weddings and I love the color green and I love designing fun matchy-matchy stuff so this project was just a perfect mix of all three. We have had such a fun time creating these cards and I am so excited that I can finally show them off!! YAY!!!!

Heather and Cameron, I am soooo beyond excited for you guys and your new life together. May you be forever blessed and continue to love each other more and more as each year goes by!


- Save-the-Date Postcards -

- Rehearsal Dinner Small Invites -

- Wedding Invitations -

- Informal Lunch Small Invites -

- Table Menu's -


Shanghai Bound...

One week ago today, a dear friend of mine began what will most likely be the biggest adventure of her life so far. She moved to China!!!! I am sooooo excited for her and this amazing opportunity to teach children in China for a few years... AND not only that, but her school is located IN the Shanghai Zoo!!!!! How cool is that?

Before she left though, I was honored to be able to create some cute little Moving-Out-of-The-Country cards for her to send to family and friends as she begins this next big adventure. (You can visit her blog here)

But I must be honest here... this was a rather bittersweet card to design. However much I am excited for my dear friend to be off on this amazing, incredible, life changing, journey, she will be greatly missed by not only me, but by many, many others back here in the States.

Love You for Days Miss Brittany!!!!! Have a wonderful time and miss you already!!!!



Little Boys in Blue - Part 2!!!

I am so excited to share a few quick highlights from a fun family photos shoot I did in early July. This cute little family is actually one I had the honor of taking photos for last summer when the were just a family of 3. (You can see that blog here.) But this year brought them a new little bundle of joy and so updated photos were in order. I love being able to watch families and kids grow through the lens of a camera. Being able to capture those precious moments to look back on and see how much they have changed and grown is so awesome.

Thanks for letting me once again be a part of your summer and congrats on your beautiful little family of FOUR!!!



A Summer Move...

Yes, it is official, my summer has raced by. My blogging has unfortunately had to tak a short vacation of sorts because of this fact. BUT that does not mean I have not been busy designing fabulous things that I can not wait to share with you all. These wonderful projects are all on a nice little list that I will be checking off here in the next few days and weeks.

So, for today, I will leave you with a little something I created as part of why I was so busy this summer. We moved!!! Yes, I am still in the middle of unpacking but we are finally starting to get settled in to our new home. Moving can be a hassle at times... especially the new address change. So I decided to create these little business size cards to pass out and share with family and friends so they can remember easily!

ENJOY and it is good to be back!!!!