Joining the Black Friday Craze!!!

Ok, so not really... However much I love a good deal, I prefer my sleep and family time a little more. So no, I was not up at the crack of dawn.. nor did I stay up super late to hit the midnight sales. Yes, I confess, I did step into a few stores today.. but only to get things I already needed and it was afternoon but the time I got there.

So why am I blogging about joining the craze? Well, I could not let this wonderful Black Friday go by without taking the time to share a little discount marketing project I have been working on with Colorado Mountain College. I was asked to help spruce up a few little ads and signs they were needing for a new  marketing campaign and I just think that they turned out so fun and simple I had to share.

So Ta Da!!!! I have contributed my 2 cents into the Black Friday madness.
Now let the Holidays Begin!!!!




Yep, today is truly a unique day! 11/11/11 does not come around too often and there is just something fun about having a string of all the same numbers lined up next to each other. From an artist viewpoint it is nicely organized and symmetrical, or if you are a little bit nerdy like me and have any programming experience it is a rather fun string of code hehe!

Ok, so since today is such a fun and unique day, I wanted to debut my wonderfully talented fun and unique Brother-in-Law at Opee Cellar/Studio. Today his is having his first Art Show/Gallery Opening and I was honored to help design his invite cards for this event. This guy is so amazingly talented and I just can not wait to see all of his work on display tonight.

Here is a sneak peak of some of his work that we used on the invites.

ENJOY and best of luck tonight Opee!!!!!
Oh ya, and I also designed him some business cards that turned out super fun as well!!!


Fabulous Friday Feature!!!

Hello and Happy Friday!!!!

YAY! I am finally able to share that I am honored to be featured on Fabulous Friday Freebies blog giveaway contest today! My good friend Mandy hosts an array of amazing giveaways and I am super excited to be joining ranks with her this week. I don't know about you but I love winning free stuff. So head on over to Fabulous Friday Freebies and check out this weeks contest!!!

Note: There are 2 giveaways this week, I are featured in the second one... so don't get confused. Oh and don't forget to enter the first giveaway as well.. Lots of fun prizes this week!!!! (Can you tell I am excited?)


Ode to the Pumpkin Patch...

The costumes are hung
in the closet with care.
The snow is now falling,
November is here...

October was fun,
we all had a ball.
Hello Winter,
Goodbye Fall...

Ok, so maybe it is not officially winter, but today it is SNOWING out my front door! Today also marks the end of my 3rd season working out at Anderson Farms. I love this time of year when I get to spend my days in the wonderful fresh Fall air, greeting thousands of field trip kids all excited to pick their own pumpkin fresh from the patch!

Not only do I get to work with the kids that come to the farm, but I get to be the official photographer on select weekends. WOO HOO!!! This year I did several photo shoots for both Fall Festival and Terror in the Corn. Here are a few of my favorite glimpses into Fall on the farm!!!

(And just in case you were wondering, the last 2 images are from Terror in the Corn so be warned.)