Some Days...

Happy Tuesday!!

"  Some days you conquer the world.
         Some days you simply survive.
               Some days... they are the same thing

These words have been ringing in my head for a while now and even more so today as I had the privilege of hanging out with my dad in the chemo center. In the past few years I have seen a LOT of various hospital walls, amazing nurses, expert doctors... and so many hurting people!!!!

Today was no different.

There is something amazingly profound about watching the strength a person can have as they face adversity and trials in their life. Yes, we all crumble and collapse at times. But then other times there is a mighty hand that pulls us back up and we know that today we are gonna be ok.

And with each of these faces of the people I meet that are hurting or going through trials they never thought could possible come their way... I see that in their fight, in their simple day-to-day survival, they are on top of that mountain conquering the world!!! To some, getting through a rough day may not be that big of a deal, but to others it is everything!!

This print is one that I created for a dear, sweet, young friend of mine who is truly an inspiration as she fights her daily battle. But I just keep meeting others who might need this same encouragement so I wanted to share it with you all as well!!

ENJOY and if you have someone in mind who you would like to send a print to, please let me know, I have several I would like to giveaway!!!