my little toad...

Once upon a tUesday...
there sat a little toad. 

Not just a toad, all big & green
sitting off the open road... 

Oh No. You see this one was small,
as small as you or I. 

He sat upon an old grey hat
from where I do not know. 

He simply sat & leaned his head
from left to right & back. 

Counting cars, & old dead trees, 
cows & horses too.

But then he stopped his monotone 
& looked upon my shoe.

Slightly curious, it would seem, 
as to whom would walk this mile.

So I stopped & leaned my head 
& we stared for quite a while...

Clouds were passing, cars went by 
but still we held that glance.

He shifted weight, 
& turned his head...

"Thanks for the chat.." 
I softly said... 
...& turned to walk away...

For here my friend, I now had seen 
the simplicity of a day...

Not one to rush, or fall behind 
to hustle round the bend.

But with all the ease of a little toad 
will we see how to reach the end.

Do what we must with what we got 
But don't forget Today...


Picture Perfect & Pretty in Purple!!!

I am SOOO excited to finally get to share this Wedding Design Set with you. I have been waiting for months for this wonderful event to take place. Ok, I have been excited for the event too, not just the designs. I was asked a few months ago by some very dear friends of ours if I would design their Wedding Invite, RSVP... etc. Of course I said YES as they are just the cutest couple ever and are pretty much as close as family. We had so much fun putting these together and I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Ryan and Renée... THANKS for letting me be such a big part of your special day. I love you both and wish you a most wonderful and blessed life together!!!!

Wedding Invitation - Photos by Ashlee Paul

Wedding RSVP Postcard

Wedding Registry Card

Wedding Program - Photo by Art & Soul Photography

Wedding Announcement - Photo by Ashlee Paul