A little CMC recap...

Happy Tuesday!!! The sun is shining and Spring is in the air... Oh and today is the last day of March. WHAT?! When did this happen?? I was looking back over some of my projects to post this week and realized that it had been quite a while since my last CMC post.

SO... here we go....

A little overdue but thought I would share with you all just a few of the fun marketing projects we had the opportunity to work on with Colorado Mountain College (CMC) last year.


- Misc Ads -

- CMC Fact Sheet Flyer -

 - 2014 Common Reader Bookmark - 

 - 2014 Common Reader Flyer - 

 - CMC Report Covers - 

 - Steamboat Today Flyer - 


Happy Spring!!!

The first Tuesday of Spring is here!! I love the change of the seasons... and apparently so does my daughter. She has been running around wishing everyone "Happy Spring" since Friday as if it was some kind of national holiday! Love it!!!

So to kick off this wonderful time of the year as we celebrate the Newness of Life in all the little flowers and buds around us, I wanted to share a fun New business I have had the opportunity to work with recently.

My talented Brother-in-Law, Jon Downing, has recently started up a new lawn care business called Northern Landscaping Services and asked if I would help them design a logo and some marketing materials as they kick off this new adventure. I love the ideas he had for a fun, fresh, 'clean-cut', look for their Logo and coordinating flyer and I was honored to be a part of this start up process. I am super excited for this new small business and I can't wait to watch the clients just come rolling in!

ENJOY and Happy Spring!

- Logo Design - 

- Promotional Flyer Design - 


By a Nurse, for a Nurse...

Happy Tuesday!!!

Just wanted to stop in and share with you one of the fun new designs we have been working on recently.

Often I find myself getting to work on custom cards, or logos, or flyers for various events and marketing needs. BUT it is a rare thing to get to work on package design, well at least for me it is. I love the new challenge it brings to come up with the perfect size and placement for whatever the product may be.

I recently had the opportunity to partner with a wonderful nurse at Nurse Born Products who had designed an awesome new product. I loved her idea and it was super fun getting to come up with a creative way to help her display and sell her idea.

Small business to small business, this is why I do what I do!!!