A Sacred Vow...

A few weeks ago I had the honor of photographing an amazing, heartwarming event. A beautiful winter wedding. Yes, I know all weddings are beautiful, but as I began editing these photos I was hit with an overwhelming sense of awe and a beautiful renewal of the true meaning of the vows that were spoken.

"Till death do us part."

We have all heard these words a time or two.. some of us have even said them ourselves as we lovingly and innocently gazed into the eyes of our significant other. BUT do we really KNOW what this means??? Do we know what we are getting ourselves into? The pain that could come; the heartache that will linger long into the night; the real, raw face of someone we love gazing back at us at their worst? I, for one, had no idea the realities of these vows when I spoke them almost 7 years ago....

But as I edited these precious wedding memories, it hit me. They know, they KNOW!!! Both the bride and groom had held the hands of their 1st spouses as they fought with, and lost to, the evils of cancer.

Real. Raw. Hard. Reality!

And yet here they are brought together through a love that is stronger than the painful memories of the past. A healing, loving bond that holds the heart in-tact and whispers, "We know what we are getting into.. but it is WORTH IT!"

This sacred vow is truly a beautiful thing, may we never forget!

ENJOY!!! And to the new Mr. and Mrs. L., many, many blessings on your new life together!!!!