Little Boy in Blue...

In this hot month of July there is nothing better than a summer breeze, a good fireworks show, camping at the lake, running through the sprinklers and capturing the smile of a little boy in blue. Yep, July was an amazingly busy month for me, stuffed full of excitement. BUT one of my favorite things I got to do this month was take some super cute Family/1st Birthday Photos for some friends of mine. Their little guy just lights up the room with his toothy grin and amazing blue eyes.

Happy little man + Cute little family = A super fun morning playing at the park and capturing some summer memories. Here are a few of my favorites from the day! ENJOY.

Happy 1st Birthday little Man.. and thanks for letting me share in your summer fun!!!


A Legacy of Love...

I love my job. I love being able to stay home with my daughter while still working. I love the availability to meet with clients in the comfort of their own home. I love being a witness to some amazing first hand stories. THIS story I think takes the cake, and it actually set the tone for the whole design.

It was just an ordinary day, but my heart would be filled with something special by the time the day was out. A month or so ago I was asked to help with a 60th Anniversary & 80th Birthday's Party Invite for Mr. & Mrs. H. The quests of honor actually live close me so we decided to meet at their house to go over ideas and lay out what they wanted for their invite.

We piled the table high with old photos, memories, paper samples and LOTS of ideas... Mrs. H had a particular photo she wanted to use for the front of the card, not her first pick, but she kept saying that it was her husbands favorite photo from their wedding. It was just a quick snapshot of them leaving in a vehicle.. nothing special.. right???

UNTIL, Mr. H came over to see what us ladies were working on and suddenly he smiles and pulls his wallet out from his back pocket. Slowly, carefully, he pulls out a little folded up piece of faded, falling apart paper. With well worn fingers he carefully unfolds it and spreads it out on the table.

My eyes did not believe what I saw before me, for this crumbly piece of paper was actually the original newspaper clipping from the day they were married 60 years ago! With the exact same photo of them leaving in the car. WOW!

Awestruck, I now understood why this photo was so special. Through all these years, even during his time serving our country overseas, he had kept this newspaper clipping of his bride with him. I knew right then and there that we HAD to feature this priceless heritage on the front of the invite. How memorable and honoring... what an amazing legacy of love for a 60th Anniversary! I was truly blessed to witness the unveiling of such a crumbly little paper which had stood the test of true love!!!

Here are the Before and After images of the article, fortunately for us they still had the original photo so I was able to clean up the article and fit a new scan of the old photo in for a more polished look.

Here is the Invite... complete with news clipping, wedding photos, childhood photos AND even photos of the high school sweethearts before Mr. H left for war. Ya that's right, young love celebrating 60 years together... I LOVE IT!!! (Oh and Mrs. H's photo also was tucked away in the wallet with the clipping)

AND now, last but not least, since they loved the invites so much they decided to continue with the look of the Invite and had me create a set of 4 Bookmarks that served as little trivia party favors on the tables at the party. YEP, I am a total matchy, matchy girl and this project was just so fun for me to work with. Not only did I get to be creative with my designs and think out of the box, I was honored to meet one truly amazing couple who's testament of enduring love will continue to inspire me for years to come!

Happy Birthday's Mr. & Mrs. H. and congratulations on a very Happy 60th Anniversary!!!
You have blessed me beyond belief!


Merry Christmas in July!!!!

Yep thats right.. time to beat the heat and think winter!!!! And since today is the 25th I thought I would jump right in and wish you a Merry Christmas in July!

Rewind with me if you will, to last fall when I was honored to take some LOVEly family photos of a dear friend of mine for their 20th Wedding Anniversary. (You can view that post HERE). Now, fast forward to a few weeks ago when my friend came to me with a wonderful idea... She wanted to do a Christmas Card with their photos to be sent out not in December, but NOW, in July!!!

I LOVE IT!!!! Creative, fun ideas just make my day and I am so excited to share this card with you all.

ENJOY, and hope this helps everyone to think cool thoughts!!!!


Let them eat Cake....

... or how about just get hitched?? Yep, this weekend is a big one for celebrations all around the country, and a dear friend of mine decided that since the whole family was already gonna be in one place for a family reunion this weekend... why not top the day off with a Wedding?!?! I LOVE it!!

I also love how I got to help with the whole festivity. The bride already had some fun  special paper picked out for her informal wedding invites but she needed a little wording help. SO.. She sent me an image of the paper and I custom designed her some text to match and TA DA, super fun Invite!

Vicky darling, I wish you blessings on your big day and many many years of celebrations to come. ENJOY!!!!

Custom Designed Text + Bride's Special Paper
= One Awesome DIY Invite


Red, White & Birthdays!!!

Happy July Everyone!!!! It is time to get on our party hats, set out the flag, pack a picnic, slap on the sunscreen and prepare for Americas Birthday this weekend!!! YAY! I love the 4th of July and all the celebrations that come with it...

So to kick off the weekend festivities, I thought I would share a little ad I did that came out in todays edition of the The Sopris Sun. (If you live in the Carbondale area check it out, it is the whole back page!!!). I was asked to help design this ad in honor of Jim Calaway's 80th Birthday and all that he has done for the community as well as Colorado Mountain College, where I graduated. I am so excited with how fun it turned out and just heard this morning that he LOVED it and wants to save 100 copies. YAY!

Congrats on 80 years Jim, and thanks for being such an amazing a part of my education! ENJOY!