Spring Logo/Business Card #4 - West Elk Woodfloors!!!

Today for my final Spring Logo showcase I have something a little different. This project is not a new logo.. but rather an update of an old logo and business cards for "West Elk Woodfloors."

Yes indeed, I do updates as well. With all the constant change in business and marketing it is wise to stay on top of things and keep your business look fresh.

A wonderful client came to me recently with a scratchy, scanned, black and white copy of the old card and asked if I could help updating the cards and add in some color. Yes! I love projects that give me a little challenge. I think they turned out super fun, clean and professional.



Spring Logo #3 - Children Matter!

Once again it is a snowy Tuesday,  just in time for this weeks New Logo post. Yes, it is the middle of April and we have roughly a foot of new snow!!! Springtime in Colorado is FUN!

This weeks New Logo is for "Children Matter," an amazing local organization I have been getting to know over the past few months. These ladies have taken their passion for helping kids with speech and physical therapy needs and created a growing business. Not only do they hand-in-hand help these kids learn and grow they are investing a part of themselves into these kids lives. Treating them not just as a client but as an individual, as a child, as someone who needs to be loved. No mater what! Awesome!

I love being able to be a part of such an amazing outlet and resource for these kids and I am excited to see what the future has in store for them!



Spring Logo #2 - Upsurge Consulting!

Hello and Happy Snow Day Tuesday! Yes, it is April and we have yet another dumping of snow in our lovely state of Colorado. YAY! I have to admit that I am sooo ready for spring to come and stay, but I know we need the water or this summer will be rough. So bring it on crazy spring snow!

I am excited to share with you this weeks New Logo for "Upsurge Consulting!" I had a lot of fun with this logo trying to come up with creative ways to portray a 'surge' or 'waves'. I just love how it turned out - simple, clean, professional.... but still fun and eye catching. A win-win, if I must say!

ENJOY and best of luck in your new business venture!!!


Spring Logo #1 - Best of Glenwood Springs!!!!

Hello and Happy Tuesday!!!! Spring is officially here - sun, rain, and all things NEW! I love the newness of Spring so I thought I would take the month of April to share with you a few New Logo designs I have been working on.

Today's wonderful New Logo is "Best of Glenwood Springs". A dear friend of mine is starting up a fun new "Best of" list for the Glenwood area. I am so excited for his new adventure and I know it will be awesome. Just wish I still lived there so I could participate... hehe.

Sol, you are the Best, just saying!