Sweet, Sassy, SEVEN!

Happy Tuesday!!!

I am finally recovering from the whirlwind of a weekend celebrating my eldest turning 7!!! What a fun card this was to design. She wanted a Summer Luau party this year and I simply love how colorful these invites turned out!!!

Yes, we do birthdays big at our house.

Yes, I am always exhausted afterwards.

Yes, it is totally worth it!!!

This year I am learning the hard lesson over and over again that life is precious and every day we have with our loved ones is a gift. So what better way to enjoy this gift of life than to make every occasion an opportunity to celebrate BIG!!!

I am so proud of this little girl and they young lady she is growing up to be. Even on the days that I can only see the rough edges of myself that this "mini me" displays, she still melts my heart in ways that only a child can do.

Love you little one and Happy 7th Birthday!!!



A little Summertime fun!

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all are enjoying the warmth and sun that these days are bringing. School is out and the sprinklers are ON!!! I love summer and the green of everything around me, the crisp warm late nights, and wearing flip flops!!!

Recently I have been working on some super fun colorful projects for CMC and I thought today would be a perfect day to share some of them with you. (Stay tuned more to come later this summer!)

So sit back, relax, and ENJOY a colorful touch of Summer today!!!

 - Small Theatre Print Ad - 

 - Leadville Movie Night Poster - 

- Breck Speaker Series Flyers - 

 - College Goal Sunday Flyer - 


It's Giveaway Time!!!

I am so excited to be part of another amazing giveaway with Fabulous Friday Freebies!!!

Their theme this time around is "Make a Wish" in celebration of her daughters Make A Wish trip - A DISNEY CRUISE - honoring her life and all she's overcome. I have followed her story for a few years now and I am constantly in awe of the miracle and beauty of this little life. If you want to know more you can find her story HERE

This little quote print I designed especially for this giveaway, is something I have been playing around with in the back of my head for a while and I was so excited to finally have the perfect opportunity to put my thoughts on paper. Life is precious, and we are NEVER too Young or to Old to dream BIG and live out our lives to the fullest!!!

EJNOY and don't forget to enter the contest HERE!


A little Spirit Love LOVE!

Hello and Happy Sunny Summer Tuesday!!!!

One of the best parts of my job is getting to work Small Business to Small Business!!! I have met so many awesome small business entrepreneurs in this line of work and I LOVE being able to help them out in their ventures. One of these amazing entrepreneurs is my dear friend Rachael who owns Spirit Love, a Mobile Fashion Boutique. I have been constantly inspired and encouraged by her passion for what she does and her drive to keep growing and following her business dreams and goals.

I was recently asked to help design some new marketing postcards for her to hand out at shows and parties and I LOVE how they turned out!!! If you ever need fashion/shopping advice or are in the market for some super cute unique clothing items Rachael is your girl!!!!