The Solid Rock...

Happy Tuesday!!!!

Today I am sharing a little print that is very near and dear to my heart. The words of my fathers favorite Hymn, put into image with my fathers favorite hobby. My father has always been an avid rock climber, which is why this song was one of his favorites. So merging these two is an image I have had in my head a lot lately and I finally had the chance to put that image in visual form. It is a promise, a reminder, a comfort... that when all else around us seems to be falling and fading and sinking away.... we have a solid rock to cling to!!!!



Who's Turning 2??

Happy Tuesday!!!

Just wanted to pop in and share a fun little design to help brighten up this, once again, rainy afternoon.

I mean seriously How CUTE is this little lady????

One of the best parts of my job is designing fun things for special little ones and I am super honored to have been asked to help design these fun colorful cards for this precious girl's 2nd birthday. Her life is just one beautiful example of HOPE defying the odds. And that alone is worthy of celebration!

Happy Birthday little lady!!! May this year be wonderful for you and your sweet parents!!!



Until The Cloud Has Lifted!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

A few weeks ago my dear mother shared a scripture verse with me that set my creative mind to work. I just HAD to turn this beautiful promise into a print.

We have all faced, or are currently facing, some kind of storm in life and it may feel like we are stuck. We try to move forward but we can not, we feel as if there is no end in sight. But the Lord promised the Israelites way back in the desert that there will be a day when the cloud WILL lift and on that day we can move forward and continue on our journey. This promise is still true today. So be encouraged dear friends one day that cloud WILL lift and life will shine again!



A Day to Pray!

Happy National Day of Prayer!!

This morning I was honored to not only attend an amazing prayer breakfast, but to also help design the programs for todays event. It was such an amazing blessing to see so many local large and small business owners/employers come together with a group of pastors and town leaders to pray for our community. A true inspiration to see the community come together despite their differences or personal beliefs to honor National Day of Prayer and know the value of prayer and integrity in our daily place of work.

So if you have not already, I encourage you to take a moment to pray for our Leaders, our Community, and our Nation today!!