Get Closer...

Hello and Happy Tuesday!!!

Woo Hoo! The rain has come and gone and the spring birds are singing joyfully in the trees! Today I thought I would share a fun little design I did recently for a local sermon series at Family In Christ Church. I love getting to work alongside ministries like these!!! What a blessing to be able to use the gifts I have been given to help bless others.



Everything's so Green!!

Hello and Happy Earth Day!!!

We just got back from a wonderful field trip exploring nature and the beauties of creation with my girls where we got to get dirty and enjoy this wonderful world we are blessed to live in. Hope you all are taking time to enjoy the beauty outside today!!!

As you all may well know I LOVE the color green!!! And since Earth Day has a lot to do with green things I thought I would share a few fun "Green" projects I have been working on recently with CMC. It is awesome to see a college and community committed to keeping this wonderful world we live in a beautiful place for generations to come.


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