The Adorable Addison Renee!

Teeny-tiny fingers. Teeny-tiny toes!!! Oh my goodness, I had such a wonderful time getting to snuggle on a friends new little one for this photo shoot! So tiny and so perfect!!!

This little one was just so eager to enter the world that she decided to push the limits and come a whole month early (and she would have come even earlier if the Doctors had let her). Yet she was a fighter and was able to come home to her adoring family just a few days after her arrival! YAY for beautiful little miracle babies!!!

Thanks Hammer family for letting me come love on your littlest blessing! She is just perfect!



Double the Fun!

Happy Tuesday!!! It has been a while since I last posted but I have been itching to post these two beauties with you all and today is the day!!

A dear friend of mine who I have known since her Senior year in high school asked me to take photos of her girls for their Senior year! WOW!!! I love being able to make memories and watch these families grow up! These two were so mulch fun to hang with for our perfect fall photo shoot! They may share a birthday, but they are so beautifully unique on their own! And seriously, those eyes!!! Swoon!!!!

Congrats girls, I know you will do amazing things after graduation. Three cheers for the class of 2017!!!!