The BIG 5!!!

Hello and Happy Tuesday!!! I am so excited to share a few fun things with you today. We have been busy all last week celebrating my eldest daughter turning The BIG 5! I love being able to create fun designs for my kids and birthday cards are high on my top 5 favorites list!! This year, however, I had a little help with the cards. I recruited my budding artist/writer to assist me in designing her birthday invite. I took her sketches and her name and digitized them to use with the design layout I created. I LOVE it!!! And it ads a super fun personal touch from my little lady!

ENJOY and Happy 5th Birthday to my dearest Emelia Rose. I love you to the moon and back!!!

AND I thought I would also share with you a few of my favorites from her 5 Year Photo session. This lady knows how to work the camera.. and when to run away from it. Yes, she must be the daughter of a photographer! But I just love her to bits and I can not get enough of the silly photos she takes!!!



Christmas in June???

Last week I was off on a family adventure camping in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We were celebrating my wonderful Daddy turning 60!!! And no, we did not celebrate Christmas while we were there, but there was a little Christmas Spirit represented. A few years ago my dad fell in love with a silly little Christmas movie that he quotes on a daily basis. It is too funny, and even more hilarious to watch him while he is watching this movie!!! So this year as a birthday gift for my daddy I put together a fun little quote collage of his favorite movie, The Grinch!!! Now he can enjoy his Grinch-y laughs all year round and not just once a year!!!

I love how it turned out and I just had to share it with you!!!


- My Daddy showing off his new birthday gift!! Love you!