Long Days, Short Years.

"LONG may be the DAYS but SHORT are the YEARS."
This has been stuck in my head for the past few months now. It has almost become my mommy motto if you will. I think it came up in a conversation with a friend of mine who was in the process of seeing her daughter off to college.... and I was in the middle of trying to survive with a 5 year old and am infant, piles of laundry, teething, toys all over the floor, dishes to be washed, and a thousand "mommy I need..."s. The list could go on. Being a mom is not always easy and having little ones underfoot can make for some really, really, REALLY long exhausting days.

I don't remember our whole conversation that day, but what stuck in my head were these 4 little words,

"Long Days, Short Years."

And it hit me.. YES, what a wonderful reminder this was from a mom who has walked this road and her children are now off on their own. In the blink of an eye I was given perspective, a perspective I have thought long and hard on. Eyes to try to look past the weary days and remember that these precious years we have with our small children are few and fleeting. In those times when sleep is all this mommy wants.. or when I long for one single second of quite in the constant chatter of two small girls. I have to stop and remind myself that these years are short.. and I need to enjoy them.. even when the days are hard.

So to all my dear fellow mommy friends, to those who have been a mom for 1 day or 100 years, to those who love on their nieces and nephews, to those who have been a mother at heart but never held their own child in their arms, to those who have raised another mothers child as your own, to the grandmothers and great-grandmothers... or to anyone at all who knows the value of a day and how precious time with loved ones can be, may you take this reminder to heart and enjoy the long days!

ENJOY and Happy Mother's Day!!!!


Happy CMC Day!!!

Ok, so no, it is not an official holiday. But today was a big day for Colorado Mountain College.
We have been super busy over here working on several fun projects for todays big CMC Day/Faculty
In-Service Day at the college.

Not only was it a fun challenge to work on so many different projects for one event, I loved getting to work on a coordinating "set" of projects like these. So many various ideas, sizes, versions....

All different.

All the same.

Matching, but not match-matchy.

Yes, this is what makes my little design heart happy!


 - Strategic Plan Symbols

 - CMD Day Agenda

 - Strategic Plan Flyer & Poster

 - Strategic Plan Mini/Business Card

 - CMC Day T-Shirts

 - Strategic Plan Vision/CMC Day Bookmark

 - CMC Day Question Cards

 - Strategic Plan Vision Flyer & Poster

  - Strategic Plan Prioritization Flyer & Poster

 - CMC Day Posters


A Beautiful Day for a Beach Wedding....

Happy, Happy Wedding Day to my Beautiful Cousin!!!!!

Today in paradise my lovely cousin is getting ready to walk the sand covered aisle and say her "I Do's". I could not be happier for her and her husband-to-be. So in celebration of today, I want to share with you a little something fun.

I was honored to be asked to design the invites for their BIG day and I just LOVE how they turned out!!! Simple, fun, and perfect for a destination wedding in paradise... I can almost feel the sand in my toes and the ocean breeze on my face. I have been so excited to show these to you and today is the day!!!

Congrats Lauren and Todd on your big day!!! I hope it is everything you have ever dreamed of and I wish you both a lifetime of blessings as you start this new adventure together!!!


 - Wedding Invite - 

 - Reception Invite - 

 - Thank You Card -