Seeing RED!

One week ago today I marked off another first in my book. I went RED... Yup thats right, I now have fun red hair. It is not highlighter red, strawberry red or even Mermaid Red (though my daughter might think so), but more of a dark-ish red-ish fun-ish color. (yes, I like making up my own words...) 

My wonderful Sister-in-Law and her fabulous friend and co-owner at KC Salon did a fabulous job refining my new locks!!! I am still getting used to the reflection in the mirror but I am loving it.

So because of my new red "do" I am loving all things red this week. Good thing for me Valentines Day is just around the corner. AND equally good for me that my Sis-in-Law needed a new version of the little $5 off cards I created for her at Christmas to hand out at her salon... because RED is their color too!!!! I had so much fun designing these little boutique looking cards...

ENJOY!!! And a very big THANK YOU to KC Salon for making me pretty once again!!!!
(note: this is not a printable coupon, thanks)

 And no, I don't have any photos of my new "do" yet... sorry!!!