Happy School Day!!!

School has officially begun in our neighborhood and this week I have already seen a bunch of cute photos of kids headed off to another year of learning fun. Are you sporting your school colors this week?? I thought I would jump in the mix and sport some of my school colors.. Ok well, CMC's colors anyway. Here is a fun mix of marketing banners for various campuses we designed to be displayed over this past summer.

ENJOY and happy school year everyone!!!!!


The Beautiful Allen Family....

There are certain times in life when memories just HAVE to be captured. This would be one of them.

A dear friend of mine contacted me a few weeks ago wondering if I could take some family photos of them on short notice while they were in town. Of course, I just happened to have that weekend off. The reason for these short notice photos was that her husband just got notice that he will be deployed at the end of the month and they were wanting to get some family photos with their darling new 7 month old daughter before daddy leaves for 9 months. YES! I was very honored to be asked and I had such a fun time capturing these precious memories of Daddy and his girls before he leaves the country.

Thank you for your service and I know you will be missed dearly by your beautiful family!!!!!


- And yes, I will honestly admit I got a bit emotional editing these daddy/daughter photos. They are just adorable! - 


A little something Green!

Yesterday I came across one of the recent flyers I designed for Colorado Mountain College posted to their Facebook page (check it out here). I love it when I get to see my work in action like that. So I though I would take the opportunity to post about it as well.

This was a fun little design I did for an upcoming conference at CMC in Breckenridge. I love any change I get to work with my favorite color GREEN!!!