a liTtle mOnkey bUsiness...

Yesterday we had a wonderful baby shower for my Sis-in-Law Vanessa and my Nephew on the way. It was a wonderful time with friends and family. BUT the best part was that I got to design the invitations and party favors. They turned out so cute I LOVE them, one of my favorites for the year. Enjoy!!!

Baby Shower Invite

Magnet Monkey Favors


my cLementine...

for thee i pray
this one request
t'was long ago
with little rest

remember whence
those days of old
forgotten stories
doest be told

for me i pray
please now do sell
those stories long
i bid thee tell

the rain did'st come
the sun did'st shine
please tell me now
dear clementine

t'was it whence
thy father called
beckoned thee
to him be named

t'were you his child
so full of grace
a small still smile
upon thy face

tell me how
sweet clementine
for once you sat
upon the shore

wept a tear...

silenced in thy tears
...dear one

calming hallow fears
...but one

oh, please to tell
dear clementine
secrets of thine
my clementine

what say thee not
thou do not know
secrets of old
so long ago

remember now
dear clementine
remember soon
for peace be thine...


A Funky Little Mountain Flower...

This year I have had the pleasure of working with a wonderfully talented couple on several fun marketing projects. Scott and Heather King own A Funky Little Mountain Flower in Glenwood Springs, Co. They did the flowers for my wedding and did a fantastic job. At the beginning of this year they came and asked me to help them with a new "look" for their Photography/Flower/Wedding Planning business. I have loved everything that we have come up with and thought I would take the time to share a bit of the fun. ENJOY!!!
(All photos property of A Funky Little Mountain Flower

Logo Design - with a few variations

Business Cards

Wedding Ad for "The Knot"

Destination Wedding Ad/Bio for "Costa Azul"

Two Variations of Postcards

Product Info Brochure


hOt... liKe cOffee...

too hot today
i do must say
i can not see my feet

the street is gone
it ran away
dont think it liked the heat

mine eyes they see
hot... like coffee
i say i like it not

so take me away
to some other day
when it might not be so hot...


wEdded bLiss....

Two years ago today I said my "I Do's"... So for a little walk down memory lane here are our wedding invites & program which I had so much fun designing... Wow.. 2 years can go by fast...

- Photo by Art & Soul Photography