Summer Travel Bug....

Happy Tuesday!!! Summer has arrived, or at least the pools are open and schools are ending. Summer plans are in the works. Are you going anywhere fun this summer?? Where would you like to be going? I don't know about you, but I LOVE to travel.

Seeing new cultures and having crazy adventures in a different country makes me giddy just thinking about it. This summer my plans do not require a passport, thought I wish they did, so instead I thought I would share with you some adventures by others in poster form. I recently put together a large poster display for CMC to highlight their International Programs. I LOVE how these turned out and although I will not be on any of these trips any time soon, I am excited to at least be a part of the adventure on this end.

ENJOY and have a wonderful start to your Summer!!!!


Women For JOY!!!

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to meet and work with an inspirational, unique, individual who is fighting for the freedom of so many children around the world through JOY International. This man has actually gone barefoot (Yes, even here in Colorado) for THREE years to help raise awareness about children being sold into slavery. WOW!

I was honored to be asked to design their upcoming "Women For JOY Conference" Logo as well as other promotional items needed. I love how the designs turned out, the image of a bird being set free is a wonderful picture of what needs to be done for these suffering children all around the world.

ENJOY and if you want to learn more about this incredible ministry you can learn more HERE.

- Women For JOY Conference - Logo

- Women For JOY Conference - Save-the-Date Postcard

- Women For JOY Conference - Registration Form

- Women For JOY Conference - Sponsorship Packet


Every Day Should be Mothers Day!!!

Ok, Ok, so in true fashion of being a mom with 2 little ones I am a few days behind with my Mothers Day Post. But as I sat down to write I decided that EVERY DAY should be Mothers Day, so in reality I am not behind at all!!!

To be honest though, I could not post my fun Mothers Day gift/designs because I had not given them to my Mother and Mother-in-Law yet. And of course, however excited I was to show these to you,  I did not want to spoil the surprise!!

These "What a Difference a Day Makes" design prints were inspired by an amazing fellow designer over at Pixels to Paper and I just knew I needed to create something similar for my family for Mothers Day. I Love, Love, Love, Love how they turned out!! (And yes, I did make one for myself this time!)


- Family Tree Print (Birthdays in Grey, Weddings in Red)

- Special Dates Print (Birthdays in Grey, Wedding in Red)

- My Little Family! (Birthdays in Grey, Wedding in Yellow)


Just a little "something" fun!

Happy Friday!!!! Thought I would share a little something fun for your Friday enjoyment today.

I just got back from visiting my little brother for a few days and helping out with his new house. I got to get hands on artsy with some painting and decorating ideas as he is basically re-doing everything in this cute little old house. FUN!

Before we left I had this fabulous idea though; "Single guy, starting out in this empty house....  hmmm, maybe he needs some art for those freshly painted walls." He may be the amazing Chef in the family, but I do know how to cook up a little something fun to look at, and of course what are big sisters for!!

My idea was to take a few of his favorite quotable movies and create some simple typographic prints as a house warming gift. Simple, clean, black and white. PERFECT for his new bachelor pad!

ENJOY!!! I had so much fun making these that I will probably have to create a few for myself as well!!

- Quotes from "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy"

 - Quotes from "The Man Who Knew Too Little"

 - Both prints framed and ready to go!!


Summer Dreaming for a Snowy May Day...

Happy May Day!!! Spring is in the air.. oh wait, no, those are snowflakes. However glad I am for the moisture I know we need.. I can't help but find myself dreaming of the warmth of summer today.

Warm days at the park, picnics, baseball, swimming, flowing summer skirts, windows open, BBQ's and playing in the water. Oh, yes.. lots and lots of playing in the water!!!

Speaking of water... on this snowy 1st of May, I thought I would share with you a recent brochure project I worked on for the wonderful raft guides at Whitewater Rafting, in Glenwood Springs, CO. It helps to remember, as I sit staring at these big white flakes falling from the sky... that lots of snow, brings lots of rafting!!! I think I can handle that! Let the summer dreaming begin!!!